Gluten Free Desserts!

Try our  Gluten Free line!  All cakes are iced in a Whipped Cream Gluten Free icing.

6″ Round cakes -3 layers:

Raspberry Marble – Gluten free chocolate and vanilla cake alternating with raspberry mousse  and fresh raspberries

Irish Cream – Gluten free chocolate cake with a light chocolate Irish cream mousse

Lemon Strawberry – Gluten free vanilla cake with light lemon mousse and fresh chopped strawberries

Amaretto – Gluten free vanilla cake filled with amaretto mousse

Strawberry Shortcake – Gluten free vanilla cake with vanilla mousse and fresh chopped strawberries

Vanilla Marble – Gluten free vanilla and chocolate cake alternating layers with vanilla   mousse

Cupcake 6 packs:
Chocolate Irish Cream, Vanilla Mousse and Raspberry Royale (2 of each)

La Bete Noire (also know as flourless):

Available in 6″, 8″ or 10″ round sizes!

Classic Chocolate: Our flourless torte is smooth, rich and decadent

Chocolate Pistachio: Our signature flourless torte with a thin layer of pistachio puree

Ruby Red Raspberry: Our signature flourless torte with a thin layer of tart raspberry puree

Orange Blossom: Our signature flourless torte with a thin layer of tart orange puree

Notice for those with food allergies:

At Buttercream we use tree nuts, peanuts and flour almond flour on a regular basis in our kitchen. We do our best to prepare specified orders with knowledge of the allergy, but due to possible cross contamination we do not guarantee the dessert will be made without a specified allergen. Buttercream is not certified gluten free for any of our menu items. All bakery desserts are made on/with equipment used to process wheat and nut items. Our kitchen is a flour-rich environment, therefore we cannot guarantee against incidental cross-contact with gluten sources.