August…a great time to enjoy anything Neapolitan!

neapolitan collage

We can’t think of a better way to enjoy chocolate, vanilla and strawberry than in our Neapolitan desserts. Layers of chocolate and vanilla cake are accompanied by strawberry cream cheese mousse.  Available in small and large shooters, regular cupcakes and our 3 layer filled cakes in 6″, 8″, 9″, 10″ & 12″ and our 2 layer filled special occasion cakes in 1/4’s, 1/3’s and 1/2’s.

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A little dessert with your fruit…

Dipped strawberries, fruit tarts, mini cheesecakes, pudding parfaits, mousse martinis and desserts shooters to name just a few of our many desserts with fresh fruit.  

To bring Buttercream to your office;  call Maggie at 651.239.2945 and for custom orders and wedding information call St. Paul at 651.642.9400,  Minnetonka at 952.249.0390, Stillwater at 651.430.9654  and Eau Claire at 715.832.4048 .   A little dessert with summer fruit...

Graduation Cakes!

Have you ordered your Graduation cakes and desserts? Honor your graduate with something special from Buttercream.  Ribbons can be offered in your graduates school colors and come with the graduation cap and diploma decor!

Please give us a call to place your order today!

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Our French macaroon decorated cake would be a beautiful and delicious addition to any Mother’s Day celebration as would our mini desserts, 9″ raspberry brownies and more so just click Mother’s Day Menu and let us know how we may help.

St. Paul 651.642.9400/Minnetonka 952.249.0390.  For your office, or 651.239.2945.

Variations on the brownie…

Variations on the brownie

Really, what’s better than a brownie!  Our 9″ brownies and brownie cheesecakes are great as corporate gifts, enjoying with a group in the office, taking home for a family celebration or just because you have a craving!  Also, our brownie pops and bars are a fun and delicious way to go too!

Celebrate Spring and Easter!

Chicks, Bunnies & SpringWe’re thinking Spring and Easter at Buttercream!

Bring a little happiness and smiles to your Easter Celebration with our Vanilla Bean Bunny Cupcakes in a variety 6 pack that also includes pistachio mousse peaks on chocolate and strawberry mousse peaks on white.

Also, we’re featuring a Spring Roulade accompanied by the cutest meringue chicks. Just click Easter Menu to see our many other dessert offerings.  

Please let us know how we can help.  To order call the bakery at 651.642.9400 and orders for your office,

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From The Banker’s Daughter Shoot. photo by BrioArt + styled by + gown by Joy Noelle + flowers by Brown & Greene

In 2013 we were honored to be named “People’s Choice Cake and Dessert Design” and claim our MSP Magazine Diamond Award. It’s that time of year again. Please vote today and everyday through October 31. We appreciate your support and love being part of your weddings and celebrations.
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Introducing the Trinity Collection

Trinity Collection  A trio of mousse layers served trifle style

© www.brioart.comNeapolitan  // our moist chocolate cake layered with chocolate mousse, vanilla bean mousse and strawberry mousse topped with dark chocolate curls

Berry Trifecta// moist white cake layered with strawberry, raspberry, and blueberry mousse and topped with white chocolate curls

Spumoni // our moist chocolate cake filled with chocolate mousse, pistachio mousse and strawberry mousse topped with dark chocolate curls

Ready to Indulge?

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